Prepare Yourself for Using UnderTheSink

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Follow these instructions in preparation for using the Facility. Please note that UnderTheSink can only accept household waste. Material that is related to a business, even a home based business, will not be accepted by UnderTheSink.

These simple rules are for your safety.

At the facility, follow the directional signs and stop under the canopy. Please wait for a staff member to attend to you. The staff person will have a short form for you to complete while they unload the chemicals from your vehicle onto a cart.

What to bring to UnderTheSink

Listed below are examples of household wastes that will be accepted by the facility. In addition to the items listed, we can accept most products that are labeled with any of the following words: Caution, Warning, Danger, Poison, Flammable, Volatile, Caustic, or Corrosive. For items that are we are not able to accept, we can offer alternative solutions.

UnderTheSink does accept these items

UnderTheSink is not able to accept these items

This is not a complete list