Motor Oil, Tires, Antifreeze and Auto Battery RecyclingMotor Oil, Tires, Antifreeze and
Auto Battery Recycling

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Nebraska law prohibits disposing of motor oil, tires, antifreeze or lead-acid (automotive) batteries in landfills, on the ground, or in waterways because of soil and water contamination. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates over 120 million gallons of used motor oil are changed and disposed of by "do-it-yourselfers," and much of this oil is improperly disposed, resulting in numerous environmental hazards. Many people don't think of the consequences when they pour oil down drains, in storm sewers, on the road, or on the ground.

oil drop graphicProblems From Improper Oil Disposal

These facts highlight the importance of recycling used motor oil. Oil does not wear out as many people think; it only becomes dirty. Oil that has been re-refined works just as well as new oil derived from crude oil.

antifreeze graphicAntifreeze

Used antifreeze is a toxic and potentially dangerous waste and should be treated as such. Antifreeze should not be poured on the ground because animals are attracted to its sweet taste, drink it and die. Always store antifreeze in a properly labeled antifreeze container, away from children.


Title VI of the 1990 Clean Air Act mandates that all chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), a type of freon, must be recovered when automobile air conditioners are serviced or repaired. It is illegal to vent freon from air conditioners into the atmosphere. Have your air conditioner serviced at a certified repair shop.

Proper Disposal

battery graphictire graphicThe businesses listed in this brochure will accept and properly dispose of used motor oil, antifreeze, tires and/or automotive batteries. These businesses do this as a service to their customers and the community. Because business policies change, call the business first to be sure they still accept the listed material. Patronize these businesses, and let them know that you appreciate this service.

For disposal of the liquids listed, please follow these instructions:

Omaha Area

Please call ahead to get the business hours.
Do not leave any materials when the business is closed

For surrounding communities click here

Business Name Address Quadrant (7) Phone Oil Limit (1) Anti-freeze (2) Tires (3) Auto Batteries (4) Gas (5) Freon (6)
(For businesses outside Omaha, see chart below)            
Advance Auto Parts 850 N. Saddle Creek Rd. Northeast 551-2434 5     x    
Autozone 4201 N. 30th St. Northeast 455-1954 5          
Autozone 3325 N. 72nd St. Northeast 572-8138 5          
Don's TBA Services Inc. 7005 Maple St. Northeast 556-8811 5 x x x    
JJ's Auto Repair 7009 Military Ave. Northeast 571-2631 5 x x x    
Midas Auto Service Experts 7051 Military Ave. Northeast 571-4750 5          
Mollak GA Automotive Specialists 6145 Military Ave. Northeast 558-5600 5          
Nic's AMOCO 7166 N. 30th St. Northeast 451-6656 15          
O'Reilly Auto Parts 4405 N. 30th St. Northeast 455-0533 5     x    
Robinson's Garage 527 N. 33rd St. Northeast 345-1122 5          
T & M Service 639 N. Saddle Creek Rd. Northeast 551-3180 5 x   x    
Advance Auto Parts 3909 N. 90th St. Northeast 571-4458 5     x    
Auto-Tech Inc. 2611 N. 84th St. Northeast 393-7728 5          
Dave's Auto Repair 7345 Maple St. Northeast 392-8160 5     x    
Precision Car Care Diagnostic Center 4837 N. 90th St. Northeast 571-8580 1          
SPARKS Computerized Car Care 8815 Maple St. Northeast 393-7666 5          
Steve's Service 7901 Blondo St. Northeast 391-9580 15 x x x    
Anderson Conoco Service 8602 W. Dodge Rd. Northeast 393-4007 5   x x    
Midas Auto Service Experts 7557 Dodge St. Southeast 393-2207 5          
Buchanan's AMOCO Service 5001 Dodge St. Southeast 553-7374 5   x x    
Don's Service 3403 S. 42nd St. Southeast 558-3774 5          
Jeff's Service and Tech Center 2423 Dodge St. Southeast 344-2804 5          
John's Service Center 3402 S. 42nd St. Southeast 553-8220 15          
O'Reilly Auto Parts 4545 S. 50th St. Southeast 731-6500 5     x    
O'Reilly Auto Parts 3310 S. 24th St. Southeast 733-2900 5     x    
River City Recycling 6030 S. 60th St. Southeast 731-0414     x      
Ron's Garage 4545 Leavenworth St. Southeast 553-7670 3 x   x    
Sports Car Garage 1461 S. 13th St. Southeast 341-4244 5          
Stoll's 66 Service 3824 Farnam St. Southeast 553-9669 5   x      
Tim's 66 4015 S. 42nd St. Southeast 734-3232 0.5     x    
Waterman's Auto Center 2532 S. 10th St. Southeast 341-2220 10     x    
Advance Auto Parts 8448 W. Center Rd. Southeast 391-1322 5     x    
Andersen's AMOCO 7202 F St. Southeast 331-5711 5          
Buchanan's AMOCO Service 7911 Dodge St. Southeast 393-2722 5   x x    
Cordel Foreign Motors, Inc. 8616 L St. Southeast 592-2288 5          
Lantz Bros. Service 2917 Keystone Drive Southeast 571-4569 1          
Midas Auto Service Experts 9009 W. Center Rd. Southeast 397-9070 5          
R & G Service 635 S. 75th St. Southeast 391-1868 5   x x    
SPARKS Computerized Car Care 4606 S. 84th St. Southeast 592-7666 5 x       x
Westgate High Tech Auto Care 3030 S. 84th St. Southeast 397-8144 5   x x    
Hofer's Auto Repair 10544 Bondesson Cir. Northwest 572-8395 5          
Keith's AMOCO 5220 N. 90th St. Northwest 571-9660 5     x    
Advanced Automotive 20558 Glenn St. Northwest 289-3350 5 x   x    
O'Reilly Auto Parts 3620 N. 72nd St. Northwest 571-3700 5     x    
Advance Auto Parts 3420 S. 143rd Plaza Southwest 691-0072 5     x    
Automotive Solutions 13625 B St. Southwest 334-1000 5          
Autozone 13333 Q St. Southwest 861-9393 5          
Bower's Auto Service 2838 S. 148th Ave. Circle Southwest 691-0020 5 x        
Custom Engineering 13415 A St. Southwest 334-2839 5          
Meyer's AMOCO 9002 W. Center Rd. Southwest 393-9884 5 x x x    
Midas Auto Service Experts 13906 R Plaza Southwest 895-2670 5          
Millard Motors 4767 S. 136th St. Southwest 895-2500 10     x    
O'Reilly Auto Parts 10757 Q St. Southwest 331-8446 5     x    
O'Reilly Auto Parts 13345 Q St. Southwest 895-8011 5     x    
Valvoline Instant Oil Change 5321 S. 108th St. Southwest 592-6550 2          
Valvoline Instant Oil Change 4870 S. 137th St. Southwest 895-8554 2          
West Center AMOCO 12300 W. Center Rd. Southwest 334-1166 5 x x x    

Surrounding Area

Please call ahead to get the business hours.
Do not leave any materials when the business is closed

For places in Omaha click here

Business Name Address City Phone Oil Limit (1) Anti-freeze (2) Tires (3) Auto Batteries (4) Gas (5) Freon (6)
(For businesses inside Omaha, see chart above)            
Greenwood Farmers Co-Op 1309 Silver St. Ashland 944-3351 10   x x    
Bellevue Tire and Auto Service 2111 Franklin St. Bellevue 292-8533 1   x x    
Cornhusker Express Lube 10205 S. 25th St. Bellevue 292-1166 5          
Midas Auto Service Experts 1403 Ft. Crook Rd. Bellevue 733-5188 5          
O'Reilly Auto Parts 1812 Galvin Rd. South Bellevue 291-1700 5     x    
O'Reilly Auto Parts 915 Fort Crook Rd. Bellevue 733-6207 5     x    
Larry's 66 Service 661 Gateway Rd. Elkhorn 289-3974 15   x x    
All Tune and Lube 1211 Royal Dr. Papillion 592-4995 5          
Gene's Auto and Truck Service 245 S. Washington St. Papillion 331-2599 5          
O'Reilly Auto Parts 210 N. Washington St. Papillion 593-8833 5     x    
Papillion Tire Inc. 1221 Royal Dr. Papillion 592-3434 5 x x x    
Texaco Xpress Lube 925 N. Adams St. Papillion 537-8617 5          
O'Reilly Auto Parts 302 Chicago Ave. Plattsmouth 296-3650 5     x    
Ralston Automotive Service 7636 Main St. Ralston 339-1029 10          
  1. This is the gallon limit of the amount of oil accepted by one customer per visit.
  2. Anti-freeze is accepted, however it must not be mixed with any other fluids.
  3. All tires have a disposal fee associated with them. The fee is based on the size of tire and if it is on a rim.
  4. Automotive batteries include motor cycle batteries and are lead-acid batteries also known as wet cell batteries.
  5. Always store and transport gasoline in an approved container. Gas-oil mixtures are not accepted. Take gas-oil mixtures to UnderTheSink.
  6. Freon is safe for humans but destructive to the ozone layer of the atmosphere.
  7. The quadrants of the city are created by Dodge Street and 90th Street.

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